Five Tips For Walking Your Dog In NYC In The Summer

Welcome to the dog days of summer, boy is it hot, hot, hot out there. Especially on hot city pavements with minimal winds to bring a quick cool relief from the heat. But pets still need to be walked every day – so it is important to make sure you take precaution before stepping outside:

  1. Avoid the hot pavement - Sometimes it’s hard in the city, but if possible, try to walk on the shaded side of the street. And take the shortest distance possible to the dog walk or closest grass.
  2. Stay in the shade - Not only is it better for your pets feet, it’s better overall to stay in the shaded areas as much as possible, especially if you’re out for a longer walk.
  3. Bring water - Yes here in NYC you can find water on every street corner. But it’s always safe to bring a bottle with you as well. You might get lost in Central Park (it happens to all of us), or end up chatting with a friend at the dog park longer than usual. Don’t let you or your pup get dehydrated in this heat!
  4. Try to take your walks during the cooler times of day - Mornings and evenings are always cooler than going for walks at mid-noon. It will also give the sidewalks and hot pavement time to cool off as well.
  5. Know your pups limits - Remember if they are aging, like my Max, they can’t be outside or journey as far as they could in their younger years, so don’t push them too hard on hot days.

Don’t laugh, but I had a carriage made for Max, which I purchased when he had a broken leg. Now, it works WONDERS on hot days and we want to go to Central Park and take long walks!

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