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Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade

Nobody does Halloween better than New Yorkers

Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade

Pet-Friendly Hotels: The Benjamin

For many, the experience of walking into The Benjamin’s suites and guestrooms is like coming home to your private apartment in Midtown. Your pampered pooch is bound to agree. The Benjamin offers everything a pampered pet needs to enjoy travels in tail-wagging style from grooming services to a lush bathrobe to a consultation with a pet psychic.

Airline Pet Policies

Pet-Friendly Hotels Worldwide

Fresh Air For You and Your Dog With "Discover Outdoors"

Dealing With A Barking Puppy - Part 2

Why your dog barks and how to correct it

Central Park Horse & Carriage Tours, Central Park South, between Seventh and Eighth Avenues

End up being one of those New Yorker's who lives here your whole life but never really experiences New York? Join the club! But recently I have been stepping outside the box and realized many tourist-friendly activities can also be pet friendly - the horse and carriage ride for instance. Of course, if all that nostalgia goes over his head, you can always disembark for a vigorous pigeon-chasing session in Sheep Meadow.

Dogs in New York City Parks

The official NYC Parks Department guide to city dog runs and off-leash areas, complete with a locator to find dog areas by zip code.

Carl Schurz Park Dog Area

Carl Schurz Park is one of the city's most dog-friendly--two dog runs offer plenty of space for pups to run around and mingle, while the promenade offers a lovely place to stroll, with or without a furry companion. A playground at the end of the park holds fun for kids of all ages.

Prospect Park Dog Beach (Brooklyn, Prospect Park)

Although outside of Manhattan, what is a better way to spend a weekend afternoon than letting your pup frolic in the water with other pups? On those sizzling hot summer days, your pet can cool off and play at the same time by tromping though cool waters. Just remember to pack a towel, trying to get a cabbie to stop for a dripping-wet dog isn't quite easy.

Keep Your Pets Safe From Natural Toxins

What Not To Feed Your Pet

Lots of "people food" and pretty plants can have harmful, even fatal effects on our furry friends. Keep them safe with this checklist of natural toxins; you might be surprised at what you find.

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